Annotated documentation by page type.

4-1 Homepage

Layout and styles for homepage.

4-2 Landing

Landing page (aka, Tab Landing or Department homepage) templates for principal sections of the site.

4-3 Sub-section Landing

Sub-sections of landing pages that serve as indexes for other lower-level pages.

4-4 Program

Program pages are devoted to sponsored sub-departments.

4-5 Bio

Templates used for biographical pages.

4-6 Archive

Templates used for archive publications.

4-7 Blog

Blog templates, including archive pages.

4-8 Stories

#unreserved archive template. Use Fed Stories Single for single post.

4-9 Data

Templates for pages that include data, such as charts and graphs.

4-10 Publications

Publication layouts.

4-11 Single or Default

Open-body page templates for various single pages.

4-12 Facebook Instant Articles

Custom styles and layouts for IA.

4-13 Google AMP

Custom styles and layouts for Google AMP.

4-14 Persistent Components

Common header and footer for all templates.

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